Last Chance to Submit Outstanding Referendum Claims

The BRC has set next Friday 31 January 2020 as the final date for the submission of any outstanding claims for Referendum work by service providers and officials.

The BRC made the decision at today’s Commission meeting as it begins a three-month wind up of all Referendum operations.

All invoices must be for work undertaken before 20 December, the end of the conduct of the Referendum vote and count.

Acting CRO Mr Desmond Tsianai said the BRC wants to avoid the usual electoral practice of lingering outstanding claims.

“The Referendum is now over. The Commission is now winding up and everything must be completed as soon as possible,” Mr Tsianai said.

“No claims will be received after this date as our finances are being finalised and audited – we cannot consider any payments after this date.”

“The Commission will continue to operate according to its charter which includes being professional and transparent,” said Mr Tsianai.

“We were given limited funds from the two governments and the international community, and we continue to be accountable to those bodies during this wind up process,” Mr Tsianai said.

After the three months close down of operations, the Commission will revert back to a transitional arrangements co-chaired by the two Electoral Commissioners, and the Chief Secretaries of the governments of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.