Dont Miss Out – Check the Roll Now!

With just five days until the Referendum Writ closes the roll to new voters, the Bougainville Referendum Commission is urging people, even leaders, to be active in checking the Preliminary Roll being displayed across the region as their last chance to enrol to vote.

Chief Referendum Officer Mauricio Claudio said that while some 202,000 thousand have enrolled and are now checking the roll or using the SMS roll check service to confirm they are enrolled, some have not.

“We know that some people, even senior leaders, have not got themselves enrolled,” Mr Claudio said.

“We don’t want one person to miss out. Some people are waiting in their houses or offices for us to knock on their door. This will not happen. It is a much shorter public display of the roll in central locations by Ward Recorders where you need to go and check.”

“We also know that the preliminary roll being displayed is not perfect and problems are being found that need correcting. That is the purpose of this public quality checking stage.”

“This is the first time people can check and challenge inclusions on a preliminary roll. It is also the first time enrolments outside of Bougainville can be verified within Bougainville. It shows our level of commitment to a quality Referendum Roll – but it needs people to take ownership of the process.”

“In producing the preliminary roll, we found many people using different versions of both Christian and ples names. This can cause confusion on the roll and people themselves are being confused when looking for one name, where they are enrolled under the other.”

“Now is the time to ensure you are enrolled under one name in one place only. This will avoid confusion and disappointment at the polling station.”
“Don’t just post something on Facebook, see your Ward Recorder.”
“If there is a problem with your details or you are yet to enrol, please, we beg you to see your Ward Recorder or BRC Regional Centre this week.”
“Do not wait until you are at the polling station. You must check now, through your Ward Recorder or Regional Centre or the SMS Roll Check Service,” Mr Claudio said.

“Help us make a quality roll and avoid being disappointed when you go to cast your vote.”