BRC published Voter Roll Reference Guide

Background information on the publication

1. Introduction

The Referendum Roll will be developed through a three-phased enrolment process. In the first phase community governments verified the base 2015 ABG electoral rolls (Base Working Rolls) against Ward Voter Registries.

The Base Working Rolls have been updated and printed as Working Rolls for the second phase. During this second phase Ward Recorders will visit every household to ensure that all eligible electors verify that their names are correct on the Working Roll. Eligible electors who are not able to locate their names on the Working Roll, or who have not previously enrolled must complete a Claim for Enrolment form.

The third phase of enrolment will be the public display and verification of the Preliminary Referendum Roll.

2. Eligibility to Vote in the Referendum

To be eligible to be included on the Referendum Voter Roll a citizen must:

  • Be a citizen of PNG;
  • Be at least 18 years of age by the estimated date of the Referendum;
  • Be ordinarily resident in the ward and so resided for the last 6 months;
  • Be of full capacity;
  • Not be under sentence of death or sentence of imprisonment for a period of more than 9 months;
  • Have not in the last 3 years committed an electoral offence;
  • Non-resident Bougainvillean are eligible for enrolment under the categories as outlined on the Claim for Enrolment form, and will be enrolled in specific locations outside of Bougainville.

Note: It is mandatory under the Organic Law for ALL eligible electors to be on the Referendum Roll.

3. Household Contact

The Ward Recorder should introduce themselves at each household by showing their BRC identification and say,

“Hello, I am the Ward Recorder working with the Bougainville Referendum
Commission to prepare the Referendum Electoral Roll. Under the Law it is
required that any resident of Bougainville who has turned 18 years of age,
or who will turn 18 years of age before the Referendum must be enrolled.
You must be on the Referendum Electoral Roll to participate in the
This Working Roll is being used as the basis to update the Referendum
Electoral Roll, and must be updated to include the names of those who have
turned 18 or changed locations, and to remove or update the names of the
deceased or those who have changed status.
I would like to assist you to ensure that your name and eligible members of
your household are on the Electoral Roll, to ensure that the details are
correct, and to make sure that you can participate in the Referendum.”

Searching the Working Roll

To assist in searching the Working Roll for elector’s names, the Ward Recorder should ask the elector if they have any form of identification. Identification should be used to clarify the spelling of the elector’s name, and to therefore assist in finding the name on the roll. If the elector has no identification, ask them to spell their name or to write it on a piece of paper. The Ward Recorder should also try:

  • Interchanging the elector’s first and last names.
  • Ask the elector for alternate names or spellings that they may have previously enrolled under.

3. Elector Name Found – Update the Working Roll