BRC launches SMS roll check Services

The Bougainville Referendum Commission has launched an innovative SMS roll check service for people unable to access publicly displayed rolls.From today people can check if their name is on the preliminary referendum roll by sending a text message to the Bougainville Referendum Commission.

Chief Referendum Officer Mauricio Claudio said the Commission was pleased to offer the easy to use service, and said it was now up to Bougainvilleans to be active and take full ownership of the process.

“If you are eligible and want to vote in the November referendum, now is the time to use this service, as well as other phase three public display activities around Bougainville and Papua New Guinea to check the roll and help us create a referendum roll that is credible and trustworthy,” Mr Claudio said.

To use the SMS Roll Check Service, people should text (+675) 79336628 or 71493920 with all the following information:

  1. First name and surname
  2. Constituency and ward in which they reside or claim clan lineage to
  3. Date of birth, or at least year of birth

If your name is on the roll, you will receive the text message:

Yes, a record with those details is on the roll

If your name is not found, you will receive the text message:

No person with those details was found. Were the correct details sent? If yes, see your enrolment officer. If no, please try again.

People should then immediately see their Ward Recorder, BRC regional office, office of the Returning Officer, or outside Bougainville, go to their PNG Electoral Commission provincial office.

Hours of Operation: 0900 to 1700 (BST) every day until Thursday 26 September, including weekends.

The Chief Referendum Officer said September 27, the issue of Writs, will close the roll to new enrolments.

“The BRC SMS Roll Check is another example of raising the bar for inclusive electoral processes. We encourage people to check the roll and verify their details are correct by using this service, or see BRC officials at the locations advertised within Bougainville, and elsewhere in PNGand overseas,” Mr Claudio said.

Dates and locations for the public display of the Preliminary Referendum Roll are as follows:

  • Autonomous Region of Bougainville: 6-26 September, all Wards and Regional Centres
  • Elsewhere in Papua New Guinea: 11-20 September, all PNG Electoral Commission provincial offices. Public display will also be available at Lihir, Ok Tedi and Pogera mines, and Ramu Plantation for a few days each (dates to be confirmed)
  • Australia: Cairns 16-17 September, Brisbane 19-20 September at PNG consular offices
  • Solomon Islands: Gizo 16-17 September (location TBC), Honiara 19-20 September (PNG High Commission)