BRC Launches Phase 3 Public Display Campaign

The BRC has launched its public awareness campaign for the final phase of enrolment – the public display of the Preliminary Roll.

Between 6 and 26 September, Ward Recorders will begin displaying the roll across all Bougainville for public inspection, correction and objections. The roll will also be displayed at BRC regional centres in Buka, Arawa and Buin. Outside of Bougainville, in PNG, display begins from 11 September.

Chief Referendum Officer Mauricio Claudio said he had one simple message for every eligible Bougainvillean wishing to vote in the referendum. “If you want to vote in the November referendum – check the roll now, see your Ward Recorder and help us create a credible referendum roll – one that Bougainvilleans trust.

Nearly 500 Ward and Community Government awareness officers have been trained and given fact sheets and posters to conduct community awareness this week. The BRC will also be sending reminder messages to people’s mobile phones, and has also briefed the Bougainville House of Representatives and media, and next week will conduct awareness with civil society groups.

The Chief Referendum Officer said phase three gives people one last chance before the issue of Writs on 27 September to enrol, check their names, and to raise objections against ineligible voters.

Dates for the public display are as follows:

  • Autonomous Region of Bougainville: 6-26 September in all Wards and Regional Centres
  • Elsewhere in Papua New Guinea: 11-20 September in all provincial PNG electoral Commission offices. Public display will also be made available at Lihir, Ok Tedi and Pogera mines, and Ramu Plantation for specific durations during this period.
  • Australia: Cairns 16-17 September, Brisbane 19-20 September at PNG consular offices
  • Solomon Islands: Gizo 16-17 September (location TBC), Honiara 19-20 September (PNG High Commission)

For remote Tasman and Morlock atolls, a BRC team is scheduled to depart on Wednesday to conduct all three phases of enrolment to ensure all eligible Bougainvilleans living there are also enrolled to vote.

The Chief Referendum Officer thanked in advance the many people working hard to make the enrolment of Bougainvilleans a success.

“The referendum is absolutely a team effort. While the BRC remains the independent, neutral body conducting it – we are working with the Community Government administration and Ward Recorders, the PNG Electoral Commission, and overseas diplomatic missions in Australia and Solomon Islands,” Mr Claudio said.